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Skip the gondolas and go straight to the chocolate factory

August 25, 2021

Las Vegas is full of weird little corners. Like underground Venice, where you can take a lame ride on a fake gondola for like half the cost of a whole day at Disneyland. An Uber Eats service that takes two and a half hours to deliver food from Panda Express and then expects you to meet them on the curb in your pajamas. The museum of selfies. And whatever the hell a “Meow Wolf” is.

You could probably live in Vegas for a decade and not see all the weird stuff it has to offer. So I’m going to recommend one place in particular that you should not miss: The Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. Which is also a cactus garden.

Here are some pictures.


  1. The chocolate is good but kinda overpriced.
  2. Don’t go when it’s a million degrees outside.
  3. Elvis wasn’t there.