As a kid, Becki Robins did the whole science fair thing. She grew bacteria in Petri dishes, she put seedlings in the closet to see what they would do without light, and she tried to develop a brilliant strategy for preventing the browning of cut apples. Mostly, she stank at it. She never outgrew her fascination with science, it’s just that she’s much better at writing about it than she is at doing it.

Becki has a master’s degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University. She’s written on a broad range of subjects, from the redwood forests and abandoned gold mines in her home state of California, to the importance of darkness and the unseen impacts of offshore wind. As a mother of four, Becki also writes about parenting, traveling with kids, and the unique challenges of raising ADHD children. She’s also written about history, food, and entertainment. She’s currently working on her first middle-grade novel.

Becki’s work has appeared in Undark, Hakai, Comstock’s, Advanced Science News, and moreHer work for Undark has bee republished in The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Popular Science, and High Country News.